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It's Time...Toileting Skills at Home

  • 120Days
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This service is best suited for caregivers who feel they are ready to try it alone but need a little guidance on exactly what to do. Within this program you will find seven self-paced videos on how to navigate teaching toileting skills at home. You will also be provided with tips sheets, data sheets and other resources to help you along the way. The length of the videos range from 4 minutes to 20 minutes and the areas that are covered include: 1) Toileting & Applied Behaviour Analysis 2) Getting Ready 3) Sit Schedules & Reinforcement 4) Get Started! 5) Day to Day & Initiating 6) Get Rid of the Skittles! S-L-O-W-L-Y 7) Outside of the Home & Troubleshooting If you run into challenges, consults from our Board Certified Behaviour Analysts are available for purchase at any time!

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