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Learn, Grow, Thrive

With us you will learn the skills needed to grow with the children in your life and achieve goals together in order to thrive.



Children's Wellness Centre provides professional support and guidance to caregivers and children. Our services are rooted in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and we offer expertise in the areas of toileting, sleeping, picky eating, communication & cooperation. Our lead consultants are Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA), with a combined experience of over 20 years working with individuals and families. Together they have supported caregivers and children with building essential life skills in the home, clinic, school and community. They are dedicated to improving the overall wellness and quality of life of as many children & youths as possible. They are registered on the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) provider list and have extensive experience working with autistic individuals and individuals with comorbid diagnosis. Our team will help you learn, grow and thrive with the children in your life, in ways that will improve overall wellness.  


At Children’s Wellness Centre, we focus on building skills utilizing the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in the areas of: toileting, sleeping, picky eating, play and communication and cooperation. We use the term “caregiver” to ensure we are capturing all different types of families and care providers. All services are designed and supported by one (or both) of our lead BCBA consultants. The caregivers and children work directly with an experienced BCBA to develop an individualized plan. The BCBA will provide an inclusive space for caregivers of neurodivergent (e.g., autism, adhd, anxiety etc.) and neurotypical children to learn strategies that will improve the overall wellness of everyone involved. Our services are designed to be caregiver mediated, therefore once the goals and strategies are developed the caregiver will be the primary implementer. Throughout the duration of service, the BCBA will support the caregiver by modelling, problem solving, and evaluating the effectiveness of the strategies being implemented. At the conclusion of our service the caregiver will feel empowered to continue to utilize the strategies and feel confident in how to support the child in their life with toileting, sleeping, picky eating, play and communication and cooperation. 


Each service delivered is unique to the caregiver and child. Every plan is custom designed by our BCBA lead consultants and based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to support individualized goals. At Children's Wellness Centre we believe caregiver collaboration is key to achieving all goals!


It takes a community to make a difference! We use the term “caregiver” as a way of acknowledging all types of families and people with little ones in their lives. We are here to help all children and all caregivers improve the quality of their lives in the home and community. We look for every opportunity to collaborate with and foster meaningful connections with all caregivers and professionals involved in the child’s life, specifically in the areas of toileting, sleeping, picky eating, play & communication and cooperation (which is kind of everyone!). We bring people together by including them in our plans (i.e., grandma/uncle/partners etc. learn the strategies too) and by educating other professionals (i.e., daycare staff/ECE/teacher etc.) on the strategies that are just right for each child. 


In addition to including the child’s community in our planning we also provide trainings and workshops for other professionals. We love to share our behaviour analytic strategies and most up to date research with community partners (worldwide!). We welcome collaborations and encourage all professionals to connect with us to help build a strong community for those in need of support.  


Children's Wellness Centre is an inclusive, compassionate, evidence-based service provider dedicated to increasing the wellness of all children in the community through educating, empowering and supporting caregivers and professionals.

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